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POI MarkerGet travelers off the main highways and into the community by creating an I-Trek for your area.

I-Treks is your own digital, audio/visual, gps-based tour guide that works on your iPhone or Android phone!  An I-Trek route can be for a particular area, or attraction, and can be downloaded directly to one’s iPhone or Android phone as an application. An I-Trek route can combine regional folklore, historical and natural facts, humorous stories, and other useful and helpful information about your route.  I-Treks can also include ads from businesses and organizations operating along the route.

  • Personal Digital Tour Guides for your iPhone and Android!
  • Increase local and regional tourism by creating an I-Trek for your area.
  • Listen to interesting and fun facts about an area as you drive or walk by!
  • No internet, 3G, or 4G service required after initial download, making this ideal for rural regions looking to increase tourism with a competitively priced smartphone application!

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